A Beginning

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Hi!  I’m Amanda.  I love music.  I have known this for years, of course.  However, just yesterday did I really pay attention to how many songs are on my iTunes: 3046, and I have no plans on stopping importing.

The sad thing is I realized that there are songs to which I have never listened, songs I haven’t heard in years, and other songs which I know like the back of my hand.  So, in reaction to this, I have made the decision to go through my iTunes and consciously listen to all of the songs on it.  To keep myself honest, and make sure I listen to all of them, I made the decision to blog about the songs.

In this blog, I will cover A LOT of musical theatre.  I fully admit to being a musical freak, and there are a lot of musicals on my iPod.  However, that is not all that my iTunes holds.  It varied from Alternative to Renaissance Music and everything in between.  Many of the songs were downloaded from iTunes, or my CD’s, or gifts from my friends or family.

In my mind this will have one of three outcomes:

1. I can be amazing and inspire people of all races and creeds to listen to different kinds of music.

2. More likely, I will write about songs, and maybe amuse people, mostly my friends.

3. At the very least, this blog will help me keep track of the songs I know and the unknown songs that have made their way onto my iTunes in crazy ways.

So, I will try to blog about a song a day.  However, I have a busy life, and I will not always make it.  My plan is to listen to each song, as they are ordered in my iTunes, which is ordered by album, alphabetically.  I’ll talk about the song, my reactions to it, and maybe its history, maybe not.  Who knows?  And, my life will probably slip into it, too.

Anyway, I welcome anyone to join me on this journey, which has no foreseeable end.  I hope someone will have fun.  The listening begins tomorrow! Read the rest of this entry »


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