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So, as promised, my first blog post on a song, is today.  I tore myself away from watching A Very Potter Sequel (go watch it and the original!) to do it.

The first song on my iTunes is “Suomirokkia” by Aknestik from the album Aallonmurtaja.  This is a Finnish pop song, and the title translates to “Finnish Rock.”  Aknestik released its last album in 2001, and the lead singer Jukka Takalo released his self-titled singe album in 2005.  As far as I can tell, from a spottily translated Wikipedia article on the band, it stopped touring in 2008.

From what I can understand from Wikipedia, Aknestik may have been named after a skin care product. I'm totally serious.

This is one of the songs, which is on my iTunes, but I’ve never consciously heard.

It is in Finnish, which has it’s pros and cons.  The issue, is I don’t understand Finnish, and Google Translate is terrible at translating Finnish (and arguably other languages).  Therefore, I have no connection to the lyrics of this song, and I am the kind of person who can be wowed by really well-written lyrics.  These lyrics might be brilliant, but I don’t know that.

The up side, is I don’t think they’re brilliant.  From what I can tell, and I admit I can be wrong, half the lines are “Finnish rock (insert action/noun here).”  While I understand the power of anaphora showing the pervading power of Finnish rock, I don’t think it’s very original.

The fact that I don’t really understand the words masks the repetitiveness to me.  A Finnish person probably will have an absolutely different reaction, and there may very well one day be a Finn who will read my blog and laugh at the ignorant American that I am.  To that hypothetical Finn, I say, well how many Americans have any Finnish rock song on their iTunes, give me that!

Lack of lyrics comprehensible to my American ear aside, it sounds fun.  It’s catchy and the perfect tempo for head-bobbing.  I also think it’s pretty.

There isn’t any particular musical moment that strikes me on this recording.  But, I think the moments where the drums come in about 4 seconds into the song (19 seconds into the video) and when the guitar chords about 11 seconds (25 seconds) in would be the kind of thing to give me chills in a live performance.

Now, all there is left to do is wait for the reunion tour in 20 years.

Listen with me (the music video amuses me, too):


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