“Montreal”-Quebec Antique

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Finished watching A Very Potter Sequel.  It was fun.  I think the original was funnier, but I think the songs were better in the sequel.  Worth a watch.  Now, I need to wait for a recording of those songs to come out.  That being said, I do realize how long this task is going to take.  3046 songs divided by 365 comes out to a little over 8 years.  In addition, I always love adding new songs to my iTunes.  Maybe, I’ll be blogging the rest of my life, but that’s not a terrible thing.  Many people keep daily diaries their whole lives, and there are some blogs with no certain end date.  Or, maybe one day we’ll grow tired of this, and I’ll stop.  Only time will tell.

That being said, today’s song is “Montreal” by Quebec Antique from the album The Abbey Tapes.  Quebec Antique is a relatively new group from Austin, Texas.  Michael Blake and Andrew Dollerson are the two musicians.  On Quebec Antique’s website it describes the group’s music as a “balance of organic and electronic,” a description with which I agree.

The song has no lyrics.  Under the chords and a gentle melody, there are ambient noises.  I think I can pick out typing on a keyboard, muttered conversation, and words like “Montreal” amongst other sounds.

The melody is very simple, but I find it captivating.  The website says that Quebec Antique makes use of many instruments, including children’s instruments, and I think that really shows in this song.  Just listening to it, there is a real sense of innocence.  The background noises are also very well placed.  Those are the kind of things that can be very annoying in a song if not done correctly.  In this song, however, it sounds pleasing and casual.  It’s the song I want to play as I walk down a main street.  I could also imagine a video of children playing in parks and running around.  It just makes me smile.

I think the lack of lyrics and everyday sounds gives the song a very Everyman feel.  There are really no words for people to understand or not understand, and the simple melody strikes us on a gut level.

As much as I like this song, it isn’t the kind of thing I’d think, “Oh, I just really want to hear ‘Montreal’ right now!”  I could be wrong, maybe one day this will happen, but I don’t see it.  I do however think, it’s the kind of thing that will come on when my iTunes is on shuffle, and I will think, “Oh, yeah, I remember that I really like this song.”

I still want it to play when I walk through a park or down the street.  Can someone make this happen?

I love the banjo in this picture. Aside from the painful High School Musical (personally I hate HSM, but to each his own) jump similarity, I think this is adorable.

To listen to the song with me, you can go here and click on “samples.”  It will let you listen to all of “Montreal” and a couple other songs, which I also like.


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