“Rhythm in Me”-Altar Boyz

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Hello again!  As explained before, life gets in the way of posting regularly.  I’ve been taking acting classes this summer, and I’m in a show.  Classes just ended, and I had a lot of rehearsing for the final, and tech week (Hell week for everyone in theatre) for my other show has kept me very busy.  By the way come see Waiting for Lefty either Sunday or next weekend, if you’re in L.A.  See link for more info.  It’s a really great show!

Anyway, rehearsals have kept me busy, and I’ve been too tired after rehearsals to blog.  That being said, here I am with more Altar Boyz stuff.

I’ve been through my Altar Boyz explanation.  This song is “Rhythm in Me,” another song in their concert, hoping to cleanse the souls of the audience.  It’s just a fun number.

Lyrics-wise, there is nothing too spectacular.  However, I do love that Juan, the Latin lover says “God put Mass in English so we’d know what it’s about,” since Mass was originally in Latin.  Granted he’s Spanish, I think, but at least it’s a Romance language.  It makes me smile.

Something about this number really reminds me on a N’Sync song.  I can’t really remember which one, if any reader does, please let me know.

I think musically, my favorite thing in this is the use of autotune.  As you can tell in the following video, these boys do not need autotune to sing well:

However, the autotune is very clear in the recording, especially in the second verse, in the lines “God put Noah on the Ark so all would not be lost.”  I love that they use autotune in the recording because it is just so fitting!  Since autotune became really popular in 1998 with Cher’s “Believe,” it it a trend very popular with the boy bands of the 90’s.  Altar Boyz wants to imitate that sound, and it does, even to the point of autotuning the recording.  I love that detail so much!

Another favorite thing is the little inserts Mark has after the dance/music break: “Put it in me,” “Put it, put it, put it, put it,” and “Let me tell you!”  I’m not sure completely why, but it’s adorable.  Please watch the video to see his dancing in that part, too!  So good.

Listen with me (still can’t figure out how to get it without making a Powerpoint of it, but please listen to hear the autotune): “Rhythm in Me”


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